Welcome to the Hope Collective!

The Hope Collective is a powerful partnership of leading cross-sector organisations with aligned values and a shared vision; to work together in a spirit of unity to create real change for young people and communities across the UK.

Watch our launch event  – and find out more about the Hope Collective and how to get involved!

Download our summary document – Hope Collective: Changing the Conversation

Formed to support the 20th anniversary legacy campaign for Damilola Taylor, we are driven by a shared purpose – to establish real change that enables UK’s most vulnerable communities to be free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

We will co-design solutions that deliver for young people, amplifies their voices and focusses on their hopes for the future. We will bring our networks together to create long term solutions that engage communities and influence policy making to affect positive change.

Through the Hope Collective young people can contribute their thoughts on issues that affect them, their lives and their communities. Our goal is to ‘change the narrative’ for young people and focus on solutions, not symptoms, and importantly on their hopes for the future.

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