Creating the technology of tomorrow.

"She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.” I live by and thrive off this quote, I believe in the ‘Growth-Mindset’ and that your determination and persistence will fulfil your dreams and desires.

Dhavinia – Tameside

We all have goals in life but our journey towards them is what counts.

My work ethic and commitment for learning became a journey through my interests in STEM subjects, especially Computer Science! With a passion for programming and ‘behind the scenes’ of a computer, it was no doubt that this was something which I wanted to pursue.

I first stepped into the world of tech at the Tameside Hack. Hackathons are platforms for young programmers to come together and create real-world solutions to industry set challenges. Tameside Hack has given me incredible opportunities, from ‘Best Hacker’ to many other prizes and now I am a DigitalHer Role Model, where I represent Tameside at various events, giving speeches inspiring girls to get into STEM. In February I volunteered at the Tameside Hack as a Host, Mentor and Judge. I don’t know where I would be without the Tameside Hack – it has been a privilege!

A well as extra-curricular activities, I was also Head Girl at Fairfield High School for Girls. I was even able to represent my constituency at Parliament! In result of giving a speech at the Presentation Ceremony, Angela Rayner MP was impressed, therefore invited me and my Mum to Parliament.

Eager to give back to the community, I decided to help as a Mentor at the Tameside, which is where I have helped out at the Pop-up CoderDojo in Hattersly and gave elderly tech support. The joy of inspiring others, who also face challenging life issues and overcoming adversity is something which I endeavour.

I have a dream to become a Computer Scientist by creating the technology of tomorrow.

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