Spreading joy and love to the world.

My role model is my parents, despite having challenges, they kept working hard to make us have a bright future. They made me go to UK to have a future and told me to pick any opportunities such as NCS to spread the love.

Saeed – Liverpool

My goal is to spread joy and love to the world starting off with being a doctor and then venturing to my hobby in television and hosting. I love to create games, make TV shows and competition series so that I can use my platform and skills to boost others’ moods plus to make myself feel satisfied that I did my job. I have also created businesses where I create care packages for people in need.

My journey of wanting to be a doctor started off when I was a kid, I suffered from various illnesses such as asthma, adrenal crisis and lung-restrictive disease, same as my mum who also suffered from various illnesses similar but worse to mine. I have seen how difficult it is to live when you are suffering and if it was not for any help I would not be alive.

My role model is my parents, they always push me to do better and keep working hard especially when I am lucky to be born in the UK which has so many opportunities compared to any other place. They told me to take as many opportunities as possible as it will give me the opportunity to spread hope to the world. Now it’s time for you to bring hope, will you?

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