The future is ours to co-create.

“Hope has remained a key component, as it’s inextricably connected to passion….”


The future is ours to co-create and that is one of the many facts that fuels my work. Amongst my friends I’m often known as ‘the crazy one’ who is willing to take risks if there is any chance of achievement.

Out of my many interests, politics, for me, is the most fascinating and has determined the many routes I have taken in life. It engaged me on a regional level as I joined my local Youth Cabinet, creating manifestos while also discussing key issues with local MPs, but also on an international level as I joined the European Youth Parliament and engaged in meaningful discussions with the youth from across the continent.

Life for me has almost been a domino effect where one experience led me to another relevant one. Soon, I started working on community projects with the NCS after I’d completed a media and journalism course with them which also gave me an opportunity to write a published article.

The NCS journalism program allowed me to interact further with my community and gave me an opportunity to work with the young people of Rotherham, in an attempt to break the negative stereotypes, we have within the community.

My role within the school as a senior leader (or as others might refer to as a Head Boy) and an anti-bullying ambassador enabled me to not only inspire my fellow students by getting them involved in many of my projects but also get inspired them to innovate new entities.

This passion to interact with others to co-create the future led me to the initiation of ‘YActivism’, a project I co-founded which enables the youth to voice their beliefs on different matters. The social media profile and the website for my project can be found below.

In terms of the future, I aspire to study a degree in Foreign Policy and Politics, after which I want to return to Pakistan, the place of my birth, and do some voluntary work in terms of providing education for the most underprivileged. This roots from my understanding that although education should be a right, so many people are deprived of this right that it has become a privilege. In fact, I actually wrote a published article on this, the link to which can be found below.

During my whole life, hope has remained a key component, as it’s inextricably connected to passion. Hope was the element that fluctuated the most throughout this journey, containing the many times where I would get overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be changed on this planet. Hope is the fuel for passion and keeps it alive, allowing individuals, like myself, to envision the future we try so hard to create.

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