Reducing hate crime in Rotherham

“If we continue working together, we can one day hopefully erase the hate”


It’s really positive and rewarding to be part of a piece of work in Rotherham over the years about equality and reducing hate crime conducted by the Rotherham Youth Cabinet.

I feel through various conferences, education materials developed, the group talking about it and just the group being really diverse itself has allowed huge change to be made to people’s mindsets in Rotherham. By no means are we in a perfect hate free community but if we continue working together, we can one day hopefully erase the hate.

My dream for the future is that everyone has hope. Hope is that guiding light that motivates us to dream big. Hope makes the impossible possible. Hope changes our lives. And hope changes the lives of others. Without hope there would be no future change makers.

My inspirational person is Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt wasn’t your average First Lady due to her vocal support of African Americans and women’s rights – much to the chagrin of many at the time. She taught everyone to ‘do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticised anyway’. She inspires me to continue to fight to make change despite others negativity.

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